Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Electricity Theft

Jharkhand police has atlast solved the complicated case of electricity theft, the criminal was identified as Harsh Chaudhary aged 1 year and in his possesion a 7 metre long wire. Though his father has filed for anticipatory bail the JSEB(Jharkhand State Electricity Board) is sure that this time they won't let the culprit go free. GR8 going.....atlast they have started solving cases!!!! This kid should rot in hell as electricity thieves like these are responsible for me missing my last thursday's episode of "Sex and the City".

You guys really don't believe me, here's the link to the real story. Please join me creating a movement against this type of theft.....don't you laugh on me now......:-)

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Barbienan said...

You know i can laugh about it.its absurd. Unbelievable. Media has to have some stop somewhere or the police be more smarter.