Monday, April 24, 2006

Have you ever felt Lonely Lately !!!!

Lonely I'm Mr lonely,
I have nobody,
for my owwwn I’m so lonely,
so lonely
I’m Mr Lonely
I have nobody,
for my owwnnn
I’m so lonely

My favourite lyrics for a gloomy lonely day.......Lonely !!!! There comes a time in everyone’s life when you feel gloomy about your utter existence in this stupid world, you feel lonely and incomplete, you may have lost a loved one….got dumped by your love…..lost a job…..or just got frustrated of your life…well I HAVE!!!! A world full of liars, people fighting over there egos brother shooting brother over a property dispute (take the case of Mr. Mahajan)…..have you ever felt the urge to end your life? Have you ever felt the coldness of the blade on your wrists and waited for the feeling to go away? It really takes lots of guts or should I say lots of stupidity to make that final slash!!! Well if any of you reading it have had thoughts like these and were able to pass it be proud!!! You are the survivors of senseless stupidity. But this experience gives us a deep understanding what others (the non-survivors) must have gone through… is like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel and returning back ready to face to world again.
So for those of you who haven’t yet faced the gloomiest day of your life and if unfortunately land up in this situation wait for that feeling to pass as tomorrow is yet another day. Believe me I have been there done that!!!!!!!!

(I write this due to the shocking news of a suicide by somebody I knew for failure in love)

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mandeepsg said...

no one commented so i'll write another song...loneliness i feel loneliness in my room.......