Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Animal's People -- Indra Sinha

A book worthy of it’s bookers nomination, it will go into the core of your psyche and remind you the horrors of Bhopal Gas tragedy that happened in 1984 killing thousands when 40 tonnes of lethal gas was released from a pesticide plant, the traces of contaminants can be found till date. The narrator changed the name of the city to Kaufpur and called Union Carbide “Kampani”, to top it they have made a website which is a must checkout.
The narrators name is Animal, 20 years old who lost his family in the tragedy, got his back bent and walks on all fours. His emotional growth during the story, and people around him taking him from the starting line “I used to be human once” to his “human self” make this an interesting read. An intensely social and sometimes humorous tale. A must READ!!!