Sunday, September 24, 2006

Endurance and Pain

Everyman thinks why the hell women crib about giving birth and enduring the pain, it's worth it right? And then how much pain can it actually be? as his belief that he has endured more pain in those bike accidents and college brawls...I mean broken bones are more painful right?......but then the time comes when his perception is changed and he gets a root canal done just to realizes the true meaning of pain. Believe me this must be what giving birth must feel like ,I can say this after getting couple of root canals done and this recent surgery that I had to go through because of an infection right below my root canalled tooth. My dentist was adamant on pulling my tooth out and leave me toothless for life( unless I spend fuckin 25000 rupees for an implant), somehow I convinced him to find me an Oral Surgeon to cut through the bone below my tooth to take out the infection and fill it with some bone supplement. Easier said then done as next day I had a man with a green mask with a drilling machine inside my mouth along with my dentist poking a suction pipe to suck out all my juices. To keep my mouth open for 2 hours while they were experimenting with this unique case felt like extended labor pain while trying to give birth to an unwanted child. Since I had earlier underwent root canal treatment I was expecting a lot of pain and was calm on the surface, what scared me most was once the surgery was done those doctors were clicking picture inside my mouth as if they have solved a case of there life, it felt like they have taken out a huge chunk of cancer while performing a miraculous life saving surgery. They even delayed stitching up my wounds so that they can catch a better frame using there camera phones, at last when I protested (really had a tough time doing that as my left lip was hanging down due to all that anesthesia and it was impossible to sound like me) they realized I need to close my mouth and gave me 9 stitches inside my mouth. I felt like an old torned down shirt which was getting mended. At last they triumphed with a job well done as I saw a man with a swollen face and hung down left lip in the mirror, a face that looked even more swollen the next morning. Today after a full week the face seems to be my old self and tomorrow my stitches are going to come off though I'll have to exercise precaution for a month I feel I feel like I've been born once again, though it was tough at last I got rid of my illegitimate child :-)