Friday, March 31, 2006

Court Unites Lesbians
There was an article in Times of India today about a ruling in favor of a lesbian couple, dropping all charges to prevent them from staying together....all the gay associations are ecstatic about this victory but I believe isn’t really a victory till the time a proper law is passed in Indian Constitution, what they got away with is a chink in the Indian Law. Of course court is right in saying that these girls are old enough to take the decision of living together. But the catch is that the policemen couldn't book them under section 377 of IPC which punishes "intercourse against order of nature" as it requires penetration (point is there is still a law to punish you if you use dildo’s). I believe if it was a Hillary Swank kind of thing from Boys Don't Cry they would have been behind bars........
Everything apart I believe there is a long way to go for gays in India as this is a country where the most happening city like Bangalore has bar timings restrictions till 11:30 pm.

Link to the article --->,curpg-1.cms


Barbienan said...

anyways these are quite absurd things to be even given attention. Life and relationships are much better than just naming lesbians or gays.People must be psychic who search for whatever in these relationships and i strongly oppose the movies like FIRE.god forbid india is still behind some unmovable curtains.

mandeepsg said...

all i can say is "love'em hate'em bt u jst cn't ignore'em"