Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Phil Nicol and a wild Saturday night

I have always been a gr8 fan of live shows, be it music concert, drama or just a speech but live comedy stands out if you have a good comedian at your disposal, this is the reason why gr8 Indian laughter challenge is by far the best thing on the idiot box right now.
After watching a mediocre Firewall(Harrison Ford) couple of friends dragged me to a disc and to there surprise & my good fortune it was live comedy show night @ Zero Velocity and the comedian was a Canadian by the name of Phil Nicol. This guy was hilarious and had guts enuf to put his balls on your face and I mean he literally dropped his pants half down pinching his tits cracking some of the best heard gay jokes, he even found one guy in audience as a bait for all his gay jokes......apologizing constantly about his rudeness to an 80 year old lady in the audience whom he called his mama.......I could have never imagined this kind of show would be possible for me in India and all the lesbian and gay jokes could make everyone in the crowd die laughing....he made our group popular too by calling us Gay Christians(thanks to a cap my friend was wearing supporting a cross) due to which everyone in the audience became an instant friend. Best part was we got 6 bottles of beer complimentary...........I guess the best part of his performance was the song "I am the only GAY eskimo......" with amazing guitar….. After the show this guy even came down to our table to share a drink with us......followed by gr8 music lots of drinking and dancing.....well i ended up dropping a brit girl who was all wet as she plunged into the pool with her clothes on to Leela Palace but not before I saw the best aerobics in the pool by a French girlfriend of hers......all an all a wild night and a gr8 ride......

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Barbienan said...

wow thats sounds amazing and could not believe that this all happnened in India in Bangalore.