Monday, March 06, 2006

I was lucky enuf to catch Crash this Saturday and it's no surprise now that it won an Oscar for the best movie. It's a movie based in post 9/11 LA and has several central characters constituting the different races and ethnic backgrounds……...there fears and confusions.
The subject is handled so well in this movie that I felt as it could easily have been the story of any big metropolitan city(especially India)....of course no other city can have so much hatred against Blacks, Latino's , Middle Eastern, Chinese etc etc …..and best part is that there hatred is shown against each other. The scenes like a small girl getting shot, car rescue by Matt Dillon and a nigger getting shot by a good cop are just unforgettable. The way all the characters go through the transition in there life is what this movie all about. I would easily give **** to this one.....

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Barbienan said...

So this is the movie about. Somehow I felt oscars are lacking of some good movies this time and so they picked up CRASH. Anyways got to see if that movie worth the award.