Friday, October 05, 2007

Gifted -- By Nikita Lalwani

This name struck to me after this book made an appearance in Bookers Long List. This books talk about how far a father can go in Pushing his child to achieve his dreams. Rumi is a maths prodigy who is forced in following a strict discipline by her father on her quest to become a child prodigy, she is forced to follow Army bootcamp kind of rules like staying hungry to be able to concentrate more.

This book is heavily inspired from Sufiah Yusof's story who as a child prodigy ran away from Oxford and blamed her parents for putting too much pressure on her.

All in all this book was a nice read, I liked the way Rumi was able to enjoy her maths and even created lullaby's of numbers and her cummin seeds fetish beats any fetish I had as a kid.

Wish I was so good @ maths.....

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