Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Black Eyed Peas---Bangalored...

When I heard this name several years back I though it's a group of Pirates who wear a Black Eye mask and go Peeing everywhere, little did I knew that I'll be swooped along with thousands of other hip-hop fans on the foot tapping numbers of BEP.
The show started an hour late but the crowd was energetic and wanted to see there favorite stars and mistaking technicians as band members wasting there energy screaming at them.

The show started with Fergie doing her Shakira dance mooooves making all male of the species drooling on Will-i-am's Hey Mama song, they played all there chart toppers Like My Humps, Don't Funk with my heart, Lets get the party started, Don't Lie and solo songs from Will-I-am's album Songs about Girls and Fergie' s "The Dutchess".
Will-I-Am was funny in his narration and was really creative when he got all the lights switched off and told everyone to put up there mobile and sway, the view was breath-taking as thousands of mobiles were swaying on his music.
Yes Fergie was as delicious as expected(she is the reason I like BEP so much in the first place) and whoever heard the shout "Fergie you are on my menu tonight" it was me and yes I got those cheapster stares from ladies around me as well, though talking about the ladies at the show seems like all the good girls had a resolve to look better then Fergie....a good friend of mine claims to have missed Fergie's performance due to distractions in the immediate surroundings.
As for me my eyes were all for Fergie, a lady asked me what was the name of the third guy in the band besides Will and Apl and I was like.....girl what are you doing in a temple when you don't even know your god (cheeky me couldn't recall Taboo's name...c'mon you can't blame me...Fergie was there)

Won't be able to forget this show for a long time to come....and yeah Fergilicious delicious.....Love you BEP.....

PS: Don't forget to watch these videos I recorded on phone so the quality ain't that good so not uploading them all....

My Humps

Don't Lie

Where is the love

Pump It


London Bridge

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