Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Gathering --- Anne Enright

I have no idea why I can't agree with the panel that award Bookers...why year after year I waste my time in reading this stuff. Words almost fail me while describing how boring I found Gathering.
The almost non-existent story revolves around a really boring Veronica Hagarthy who is sibling to equally boring 11 other Hegarthy's....the whole clan is so uninspiring and so ordinary that you just can't find reasons of anything interesting about there lives.

Then there is Veronica's obsession with imagining her grandmother making out with Lambert Lugent and her own stupid issues of getting distanced from her husband for reasons a normal human mind can't understand and yeah the crooked explicit sexual overtones were just too much.

On the other hand the author has amazing writing style and there are some memorable passages like how Veronica is not surprised when she finds out that Liams dead body was found without any socks and underwear as she knows Liam is fastidious tidy and won't like to be drawn out of the water with dirty undergarments.

The best thing about this book is it worked like a sleeping pill for me....kind of reminded me of those boring history books in school ;-)

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