Friday, February 02, 2007

The Inheritance of Loss

Or should I say booker’s prize went for a toss????

I read this book from the start till the end and am still hunting for a story, there were so many characters but Kiran Desai seems to be struggling to gel all the characters together. Though the setup was nice and she could’ve produced a really marvelous book.

The only good thing about this book is how she has pictured the Northeast India and people living there, specially the one's who have settled down there marveled by its beauty. The US connection has no significance all together and I still believe that focus should have been more on the stories in India........ The ending was so sudden that it keeps you wondering whether you skipped a few pages....

What I wonder is since Salman Rushdie is backing Kiran Desai so much and I truly like his work I must have missed something about this book. I guess I would recommend 'God of small things', 'Kite Runner' , 'A Fine Balance' or 'Midnight Children' if you really want to know what award winning books are really like.....cause all this book lacks is Focus...and that too on the story :-(

My Rating: ***

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