Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Chutiya Kingdom

Thanks to India Uncut I realized Chutiya is not a term which was invented for what I thought it was invented for ....In fact there is a Chutiya kingdom in existence and they are fighting for there ST status

Chutiya tribe to organise massive agitation for ST status

Guwahati, Aug 20 (UNI) The All Chutiya Jati Sanmilan, Assam, today declared it would undertaken intensive agitation to press for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status the tribe, along with five other tribes, a demand rejected by the Union Ministry on August 14 last.

------>Kya kya mil jaata hai net pe yaar..aaj tak to suna tha par ab dekh bhi liya....kitni Chutiya Duniya hai....hehehehe

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