Friday, April 20, 2007

Next --- By Michael Crichton

This book has a strange subject but keeps you hooked as soon as you finish reading the first page, this has all the masala one could ask for being a magic fantasy fan...talking ape...a humanzee(chimp crossed with human)...talking parrot who is capable of maths....but then the difference being this is not a Magic's about science and genetics...Crichton is able to combine some facts about the world of genetics research and made a good fiction out of it....his depiction of future not so far is a bit scary....only downfall of this book being not all the characters stay till the end and vanish without completing the story.

All is all a worth read.....

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Barbienan said...

hey i just finished this book and i really liked it. after reading this i bought his earlier book state of fear and reading that now....enjoy this book too