Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Here is an article I found that would open our eyes and put our heads down in shame.........

I am proud of being an Indian. I am one among you, a mascot of an Urban man. I respect women in my house. During Rakhsha bandhan my sister ties me Rakhee and i give her nice gifts. I love her a lot. My mom is like god for me. I am man like all of you. When i went to college, I didnt attend classes but i used to stand near the college gate along with my friend and tease all the girls. I used to tell them how beautiful they are, how nice their cheek and back is etc etc. While traveling in the bus, I get close to girls and brush my body against theirs, it fun, the girl can’t say anything so I take advantage of that. I have touched them at so many places just for fun. When in friend I discuss about girls in the society, in college and about their assets. I share my experience of how i kissed my Girl friend, how good her assets are and how i made love to her. I feel proud when i share this with my friend who considers me macho and look at me with awe and respect. I sometimes lie that i have loved this girl just to get added respect from my friend. I tell them sometimes the whole sequence and how good the girl was in bed. I travel in train and hang out of the door. I shout at the girl standing on the platform just for fun. I call them Ran.. Pros.... chik..I am one among you who says this, I cant say alone since its dangerous. Generally when you people are with me, i am excited and also no one will take panga with us. I have followed girls in dark and hit them behind and driven past them. I don’t care what she must be feeling but i enjoy it. I usually haunt for such situation. And if that is not enough i take my car and me and some of our friend kidnap girl from the road side, we take turns to rape her in the moving car and then we dump her. We don’t care if people have seen us or not not they won’t do anything. Usually the girl doesn't say anything or complain to police. If she goes to cops they don’t even consider registering the complaint, since they want to do the same with the girl as we did. But some idiots are there who register the complaints. So what we have money and we are not even caught. Sometime if we are caught, we bribe them who make the case quite loose so that we escape during the trial. Even if the case is strong and the case goes against us, I will offer the victim to get married to me and the judge will take a sympathetic view to me without considering the torture and brutality meted out to win. So i win again. No one can prosecute me. You can count the number of cases in which conviction is passed against the number of cases that is registered against. My fried who’s a cop one day was drunk a lot and he saw a young teenage couple. He just got aroused and threatened the boy away and raped the girl in police chowkie. His name is Sunil More. He’s happy in jail, thode din problem hua but he’s okay now. Waiting to get released due to lack of evidence so that he can go back to his wife and kids who will give him a hero’s welcome.
I don’t spare girls in movie theaters, at public places anywhere. I don’t spare any moment to harass a girl whether she’s with her relatives, friend or alone. If you object to my moves, you will be threatened not only by me but also by people close to you, your friends, your relatives etc. Look at what friends Morpani and krishnani. They mixed some drugs in a girls drink in Bawa international hotel. She is a South African model and trying to get some role in movies. They took her along to kalyan, the waiters and people out there know about it but they didn’t say anything. Then they took her and raped for two days. So what krisnanis dad was dying in hospital while he was raping the girl? They even recorded that on the mobile and am sure they will release it soon. Arey this hype about the case is because the girl is foreigner. Otherwise they are so influential that the case wouldn’t have registered. They do this all the time and people know about it but just yeh baar thoda panga ho gaya. You can ask the waiters at Bawa or Rajmahal. They know it all. You know most of my friends now have camera enabled mobile phone and they can secretly record their girl friend when making love. They release it on the internet so that we can enjoy it. We all enjoy it don’t we? It doesn’t make any difference as how it will effect the girls who trust us so much. Sometimes we fix up spy cam to record and release other couples in their private moment. We all enjoy it later and our appetite for this is increasing ever. You can get it at any mobile dealer in the sim for some money, especially borivli in Mumbai or palika in delhi.
I am proud to be an Indian, Mai apne bare mey kya likhu, U can read about me in the news paper everyday. I strike every second in one form or the other.



Barbienan said...

This is pathetic..There was movie called Manmadha leelai In tamil where in Kamalhasan plays a role of womeniser and at the his secretary shows teh graveyard and says,. ur flesh and my flesh will end up here,.its just the flesh u r think before u touch a girl what worth it has shud think that..nothing should over rule self control.Above all dont hurt others for self pleasure

susan said...

WOW!! U really got some stuff going on here!! Very nice.. very nice…

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