Friday, August 01, 2008

Tragedy Strikes my life

On the stormy night of 30th July I went for an auto ride on Bangalore roads, ecstatic over clocking the best time on the final track of my NFS mobile edition I slipped my N73M into my pocket and got down to pay the auto wallah. Within seconds a realization struck that my pockets don’t have that usual bulge and I ran like a 100m sprinter after the black and yellow 3 tiered monster. Unfortunately the usually clogged Bangalore roads opened up like the legs of a Thai prostitute in front of the auto wallah and he just took off like a formula one car with me gasping for breath. All my contacts, world record scores of Bikini volleyball, Brian Lara cricket, FIFA n PES football, Boxing, Tennis, cheeky smses, mmses (specially husband caught red handed on Radio) went away without saying any final goodbyes .
Ladies and Gentlemen can you please send me your numbers all over again till I try and arrange for a handset? You can really make me forget my loss by throwing an iPhone my way ;-)

A word of advise…take a backup of your mobiles today.

PS: If anyone has a spare handset can they lend it to me for a week? The Vodafone iPhone launch is just a week away.

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Fictional Desi said...

excellently written (esp the middle section)
hope you get your phone back soon! i went knocking onrandom flat doors last week because i broke my charger and the batts died. not fun lol