Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby ji -- Abha Dawesar

This book is definitely one of the more erotic books I have read in a long time, but unlike a normal Erotica this one gives us a lot more. It has lot of drama and is really thought provoking during it's exploration of sexuality and its many forms.

Babyji is a story of a Delhi girl Tara Sharma who is a brilliant student, head prefect and favorite of all her teachers but then she is not a typical 'good girl'. At an adolescent age of 16 she has multiple lovers, a middle aged divorced woman, a young house made and her 16 year old classmate. Additionally she is flirting with her best friends Dad and the local school goon. This book has handled the taboo topic of lesbianism and promiscuousness really well, unlike other publications I've read by Indian authors. Definitely not Lolita but a good read.....

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Barbienan said...

Thanks for introducing news books from India...Dont know why always remember Nandita Das if these kind of topics come and haan saw Earth recently...NO wonder I remember her.