Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Man Push Cart

You have been fed all your life about better standards of living in US by Bollywood romantics and Hollywood thrillers but there comes along a movie which makes you wonder if life in US is as easy as portrayed to us while growing up.

Man Push Cart is an unforgettable portrait of a Pakistani street vendor trying to keep his soul alive on the streets of New York.
As the story unfolds you realize that Ahmed (the push cart vendor) was once a huge pop star in Pakistan and you immediately feel that in the end he will find his zeal and go back to doing what is does best....singing. But then this story is based on reality and thank goodness it wasn't a Bollywood movie.
Waiting forward to see more movies of this writer-director, Ramin Bahrani.
A must watch!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved MPC too! You have to see Chop Shop - it was at Cannes and I saw it in Toronto. As good or better. I believe the US theatrical release is February 2008. MPC also just made Ebert's 2006 top 10. Did you see his Gotham Award today?

mandeepsg said...

I'll definitely try to catch Chop Shop, unfortunately we don't get Gotham Awards telecast in India....we only get to see Oscars and Indian film awards :(