Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Trip to Singapore --- Part 1

At last after a long time I went on a vacation with my family, I flew from Bangalore whereas they were flying from Delhi, landed around 8 in the morning high on Scotch on an amazingly huge, neat and clean Airport and entered the neatest and cleanest city of Singapore. I thought of giving a skip to normal Taxi to the hotel and instead took a sky train to MRT bought a $15 ezLink card and boarded the train (now this is the best way to feel you've reached a foreign land when you travel with locals but there were lots of Indians on that train, Tamils have lived there for 4 generations), anyways a big mistake cause after getting down from the train I had to walk a lot and because of my amazing sense of direction (that too without a map) I had to board a taxi to reach my hotel (expensive but a nice one Copthorn Orchid) somehow, didn't check in as I was early and went off to explore the city....oops a clean and expensive city (Arre I earn in Rupees yaar).

Anyways my agenda till evening was to hang around at Orchard Road till my family arrived, so I grabbed a bite at McDonald's (good delicious breakfast) and went on foot exploring the expensive Gucci, Armani, Versace, D&G etc etc showroom....selling stuff that costs my whole months salary (bola na I earn in Rupees) at last got tired went to a roadside Pub chatted a while with few tourists...got some tips to roam around...went back to the hotel....took a warm hot tub bath and went off to sleep...woke up only when the phone rang to announce my family's arrival.

I was meeting my family after 5 months so there was a lot of excitement.....we hugged each other....had a Jack Daniels with my dad and went off to little India for dinner and to peek at Mustafa Shopping Mall famous as the most reasonable shopping heaven in Singapore (personally i didn't find a huge price difference), the food at one of the Muslim restaurants was passe not worth mentioning (I guess we should have gone for a Dosa @ Sagar Ratna instead).
Anyways Mustafa is huge and we got really tired and tried finding a taxi to no avail, a recommendation for anyone traveling to Singapore...It is really tough to find a taxi late night so invest in a local number as you can't call a cab without a phone number. Anyways after two hours of hunting for the cab I had to buy a local SIM card(had to convince the shop owner to let me have it without passport....I could've been a terrorist...i sure do look like one)....called the cab went to the hotel had another drink and Slept....what a tiring day....

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