Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am finally tying the knot !!!!!

Finally here is an update from me... Please Friends forgive me for
updating you late, but I think it's the right time for me to announce
the news from my side. straight to the news. Still so many issues are yet to be
resolved and so many people need to be convinced. So, with great
reluctance I am disclosing this news, since anyway you should know
about it one day. I think most of you would have guessed it by this time,
Yes it is it, you think what I think.

Yes…I am tying the knot!!

It was actually planned for this month. But due to opposition from
all sides, the date has been tentatively moved to next month. I
understand very well that you all would be in a great shock, but yes it is.
Everything happened so fast.

All said. All right, next question; who is it? It's going to be
another surprise for you. Most of you must have definitely noticed me
roaming around with, at-least once.

For others, I am attaching some of our pics from which you can
recognize who it is…. Will keep you posted on further happenings.

Hoping for the best !!!

May the occasion be blessed!


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