Monday, May 14, 2007

Salsa Story Continued……..

WHOAH……I DID IT……I am AWESOME…….I completely totally amazingly ROCK!!!! After all the blunders and all those training sessions I gave my first ever live performance in front of strong 500 audiences. I would like to thank Girl # 3(yeah Girl 1 and 2 never returned hehehe) for having the patience of training with me and surprisingly joining me on stage as well….and did we ROCK!!!! Accept at one point of time when I kicked another girl on stage to top it started apologizing ….but that’s minimal…..the fact of the matter is that I had fun with a capital ‘F’. The kind of satisfaction you get after doing something like this is just unbeatable.

Here’s a pic and a video from my trusted N73, I will upload the official better quality version soon....I am the one supporting a pony...

SALSA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Video

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