Monday, January 22, 2007

Movies...Movies and more Movies......

I recently saw so many amazing movies that they definitely need a mention on my blog....


A truly international movie with a combination of serious humor, the filmmakers did an excellent job in weaving these four stories together; this movie did win its well deserved share of Golden Globes and is a movie to watch out for sweeping many Oscars.


This movie is nasty, contains really Gross-out humor so don’t watch it if you can get easily offended, now warning apart this movie is funny to the guts. Its plot revolves around a TV reporter named Borat from Kazakhstan, who sets out to discover American culture and falls in love with Pamela Anderson instead. There is also a hilarious nude fight sequence over Pamela that’s one of a kind, the movie is all about how different his country’s culture is where sleeping with your own sister is not considered a taboo…every cultural misunderstanding is a treat to watch......

Déjà vu

The first thing that pulled me towards this movie is its name as I experience Déjà vu’s all the time…this is a action sci-fi thriller where Denzel Washington plays a cop (again) and he has done really exceptional work in his gripping investigation of a bomb blast. A must watch…….

Rocky Balboa

Here’s our own Rocky Balboa coming out of retirement to compete with the present heavyweight champion Dixon. The movie is not that great if you compare with it’s previous parts, but for die hard Rocky fans like me it was a treat to watch….Love you Stallone……great ending to the great Rocky Epic….what a life!!!!

Dhoom 2

Aish Aish Aish Aish Aish Aish and Bips were treat to watch…rest of the movie was so so…..

Next in Line----GURU, DreamGirls, Crank, Fearless, WTC and lot more ;-)

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