Monday, December 04, 2006


It’s been a long time since I wrote last, blame is on my new job, shifting to a new apartment and my new hobby (cooking ;-). Well I have a rented a wonderful apartment in Indira Nagar and since the time I have moved in there’s a party every day. I had so many empty bottles collected in a month that I was able to pay off my maid’s monthly salary just by selling them.
Reason for so many parties…hmmmmmm….Well I need people to taste what I cook..lolz, and did they praise!!!! So ladies and gentlemen after 1 month of rigorous self training on cooking I can now make wonderful Chicken (Mughlai/Chinese), Mutton, Pork, Pranthas, Dal, Any kind of sabji, Rajma, Chole, Rotis (this was the toughest part), Pasta, Biriyaani….and above all my favourite dish Prawns in Red Curry (Thai). I have gained a kilo due to all the amazing foods I have been cooking and eating in the past month but I have no regrets as I have learned an art that I always thought immpoosible for a creature like me. Cooking for me has become a meditation of some sorts, I am more content and happier in life because of this exercise. A man can do anything if he puts his heart into it…….Yummy….

Everyone is invited to drop@myplace in Bangalore to savior the taste of my cooking.

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Barbienan said...

Boy i guess its high time u share ur receipe to me.. For the thai ones and the chicken stuff